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Our Story “Don Bigote”


Having the privilege of being born and raised between all the marvelous aromas of cloves, garlic, cumin, and hundreds of Mexican spices while my mom and granny cooked our daily meals, I consider myself a chef since day one.

I loved seeing the colorful dishes like Chiles en nogada, Mole Poblano, Pescado Mazatlán and even the small snacks like Guacamole, Quesadillas or a simple Taco.

Having the need to share my culture and pride in Mexican food, I had the opportunity when I moved to the country in 1996 and started my journey and was blessed to work in one of the most successful restaurants in Connecticut.

Always having the dream to have my own place to show that pride, I became a manager and chef of multiple restaurants and hotels.

“Time is Wise”

After so much time in other kitchens and not reaching my full dream, I was almost about to give up when I met another great chef and good friend who encouraged me to open our own place.

After a long conversation and promise of commitment on both sides to bring the best of our knowledge of Mexican cuisine to Plainville, in December of 2019, we started with the project of “Don Bigote Mexican Restaurant”

And finally, opened our doors to the public on March 7th of 2020.
Starting a new chapter on this wonderful story of:
Proud to be born in Mexico!
Proud to be American!
Proud to cook for all of you!!!!